Monday, May 03, 2004

I need sleep...

im hella sleepy... its like 12:08 in the morning... i have skool 2morrow. ima be dead when its time for me to catch the bus.... LOL

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Taking Back Saturday

man, yestereday was fun. my gf kristina came over. we chilled a bit, had some fun, had a lil bit og me and her time, did a few things that our parents wouldnt like... but thats ok, cause we can do that. hehehe. i didnt want saturday to end tho. i am going to miss her so much this week. i wana see her this weekend comming up too. i hope i can. maybe we can go to a movie or sumfin. chill at the mall. i want to buy her sumfin. i just dont know what!!! haha, i'll find out tho. i love looking into her beautiful eyes and seeing her pretty smile. she says i have pretty eyelashes, but all the girls say that. but for some reason, i believe her when she says it. well i gotta go watch soem tv. l8taz.

About Dj:
Dj, a 15 year old african-american boy living in Clinton Maryland. Goes to surratteville high school, and is in the 10th grade. Loves to listen to music, and surf the internet. Is a big car freak, and loves to play basketball. He lives on the internet and loves technology. He likes both anime and manga, and likes to write stories and draw. Wants to become either a music producer or a movie director when he gets older, and dreams of being a famous movie star and nba star. Is a human beatbox, and is pestered to death at school by kids that want to hear their favorite music beats. Why does he let them beg for entertainment? Because he knows thats a first start to his future carreer as a producer. Loves 2 types of music, Rap and Rock. A popular type of music in his local community unfortunately is a genre called go-go. Dj hates this music with a passion, why does he hate it? Well he cant say that really because it might offend some other people that might stumble accross his humble little xanga page. But anyways back to my autobiography (lol im speaking in the third person view....). His favorite music artists/bands are Jay-Z, Linkin' Park, Jin The MC, and kanye West. Loves to download the latest ringtones on his cell phone, and wont leave the house without it. Is a webdesigner, and net junkie, and a crazy xanga member.

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