Friday, April 30, 2004

Talent Show

today was the most.... interesting day of my entire school year. i skipped 2 classes, back to back. hanging with ralf and the band. i helped to the sound check in 8th period, but i had to skip 7th period becasue ralf had my cd, and i stalked him until he gave it back. unfortunately, he didnt have it.. he forgot it.... so he gave me his cd player to keep over the weekend, so until he brings my cd, i will have his cd player! hahahaha! i didnt get to take my test in 8th period. she probable wrote me up or something. gave me a cutt slip, or called my parents. they prolly got a phone call, and just didnt tell me. they prolly saving this for when i really really want something. ah well. crap, i didnt even get to hear ralf and the band this afternoon at teh talent show. i couldnt make it. my dad made me do yard work and crap. -_- i had to cutt the grass, and all the dumb crap. ah well, i will get a copy of the tape from ed. he took his video camera. i wan hear ralf sing like checster from linkin' park! that would be so kool if h really did like everyone says he does! i was suppose to be the dj, but the fired me! lol, well actually ed did! i dont have any turn tables. but shit, ah well. maybe next time. i am suppsoe to be getting in the studio so i can learn how to become a producer! i wana make beats and stuff. thats always been my dream, and now i get to persue that dream! my moms producers are teaching me! i am so happy my mom is a singer! i get to learn how to produce for free from her producers. crap.... im so kool.... LMAO!! like hell i am....

Thursday, April 29, 2004

well... i made this new layout. i hope you guys like it! i love it actually! i will be using this one for a while. nothing much has been going on with me lately. i have just found out that createblog had a photogallery! i wana be in it! i need to get a new cam tho. i might just go out and get a disposable digi cam for now. i havent talked to kristina in like an entire hour! im going to die!!!! i wana hear her voice! i miss her so much! i really hope we get to see each other this weekend. i cant take it anymore. i need to see her! today i got in hella madd troublE1 i had a sub in us government class. and keneth and i got in trouble. kristina was about to kill me once i told her this afternoon. my buddy venessa was crying today... i still dont know why. i dont like it when my freinds are feeling down. i like it when everyone is happy! i should be the one sad. they shouldnt have to suffer! if you havent been there by now, go to createblog and sign up! we now have a section dedicated to blogger! it started of fas a xanga community, but its moved on to a whole new community for all types of blogs! plz go check it out guys. im sure u will like it! well, l8taz!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

testing new layout again....
the images arents working right. ima have to fix that..
edit 2:

hmm.... testing new layout. i like it alot. big ups to 2nekked at createblog for this. ima use thgis one later on to base my layout on.

hmm... so this is a blogger? i see that they have some new things ever since i stopped using them... hmm... i like it kinda... i have to get new layout for this place. looks kinda dull right now. i am going to do alot of work to this place. but i will still have my xanga for all those wondering. if you dont know where it is, i have the link to it on my links section to the right. well, time to get to work on this page.

About Dj:
Dj, a 15 year old african-american boy living in Clinton Maryland. Goes to surratteville high school, and is in the 10th grade. Loves to listen to music, and surf the internet. Is a big car freak, and loves to play basketball. He lives on the internet and loves technology. He likes both anime and manga, and likes to write stories and draw. Wants to become either a music producer or a movie director when he gets older, and dreams of being a famous movie star and nba star. Is a human beatbox, and is pestered to death at school by kids that want to hear their favorite music beats. Why does he let them beg for entertainment? Because he knows thats a first start to his future carreer as a producer. Loves 2 types of music, Rap and Rock. A popular type of music in his local community unfortunately is a genre called go-go. Dj hates this music with a passion, why does he hate it? Well he cant say that really because it might offend some other people that might stumble accross his humble little xanga page. But anyways back to my autobiography (lol im speaking in the third person view....). His favorite music artists/bands are Jay-Z, Linkin' Park, Jin The MC, and kanye West. Loves to download the latest ringtones on his cell phone, and wont leave the house without it. Is a webdesigner, and net junkie, and a crazy xanga member.

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